The Tale of a Mage (part 2)

The light of the campfire flickered, the flames reflected on the surface of the bounty hunter’s sword as she meticulously ran it over a whetstone. Nyx watched from her position tied to a nearby tree. Satisfied that the bounty hunter was sufficiently distracted she began feeling about the ground behind her in hope of finding a sharp rock with which to cut the rope which bound her hands. The leaves beneath her hands rustled

“A little elf had better not be thinking of trying to escape” the bounty hunter did not bother looking up.

“A little elf has a name” Nyx retorted “and if it is not used she may not realise that it is she a bounty hunter is addressing”.

“And what might a little elf’s name be?” The bounty hunter humoured her for the moment.

“One might conclude that a bounty hunter who does not know the name of the one she hunts is not very good at her job” Nyx flashed the woman an innocent looking smile.

“There was no name on the poster only a little elf’s picture” the bounty hunter growled, “besides a bounty hunter does not need to know her captive’s name in order to collect her reward”.

“That’s awfully risky don’t you think” Nyx mused “how is a bounty hunter to know she has captured the right thief if all she has to go on is a poorly drawn portrait. It would be terribly unfortunate for her if she was to deliver the wrong thief to the queen. I have heard the Queen is not a forgiving person.”

“The queen chose not to include a name on the poster meaning she either does not know the name herself or she does not wish to disclose it” the bounty hunter growled, “however it matters not, the little thief confessed her crime to me.”

“Thieves can be dishonest and queens do not like to have their time wasted. Does a bounty hunter really want to take the risk?” Nyx said hopefully “why don’t you just let me go? I get my freedom and you get to keep your head in the event that I’m not, in fact, the elf which the queen seeks, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.” The bounty hunter rose and began to approach Nyx, a menacing glare displayed on her face.

“I’ll tell you what” Nyx said in a placating tone “I’ll tell you my name if you tell me yours.”

“And why would a little elf want to know my name?” The bounty hunter’s eyes bore into her.

“So I can track you down and take my revenge after I escape of course” Nyx replied.

“Well” the bounty hunter chuckled “seeing as you won’t be escaping I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm. The name’s Livia.”

“Livia… that’s pretty” Nyx looked up at her batting her lashes. “It doesn’t suit you at all.” Livia’s face darkened and she began striding towards Nyx with purpose. “To clarify, I was not insulting your physical appearance…” Nyx explained, “I was simply pointing out that you have an ugly personality.” Livia remained silent. Crouching down next to Nyx she began to untie the rope which secured her to the tree. “So you’ve come to your senses? Decided that letting me go truly is the wisest course of action? I would not have thought you had the mental fortitude.” Nyx grinned.

“No, I’m teaching a little thief to address her betters with respect.” Livia snapped grabbing hold of Nyx’s hair and pulling her to an upright position. Nyx yelped.

“Betters?” Nyx scoffed attempting to mask her fear “You are hardly my betters. By the way, while you’re in the mood for untying ropes do you think you could loosen the ones around my wrists?” Livia, not deeming her statement worthy of a response, dragged the elf over to a nearby log and proceeded to throw the girl over her knees.

The bounty hunter brought her palm down hard on Nyx’s upturned bottom causing the elf to squirm. “You really should put more thought into you words little elf” the bounty hunter lectured landing a volley of slaps which left Nyx squealing. “If I were not such a benevolent person I might have cut out your tongue by now.”

“Benevolent? You?” Nyx snorted. Livia roughly pushed up Nyx’s skirt, removing her small clothes.

“You don’t seem to be learning” Livia gave the elf several extra hard smacks on her upper thighs. Nyx began to sniffle. Her bottom and thighs burned. She swore to herself that the bounty hunter would pay for subjecting her to this indignity. Livia focused her attention on the task at hand ensuring that not one inch on the elf’s bottom was spared. Nyx attempted to roll off her lap but Livia had too firm a hold on her. After about five minutes Livia stopped and looked down at the sobbing girl on her lap. She was surprised the elf had not yet started begging. She shook her head. The girl’s pride was likely to get her into a lot more trouble before they finally reached the royal palace. While she would have liked to continue, to achieve the satisfaction of breaking the little elf, the sun was rising and she was anxious to get moving. She grabbed a fist full of Nyx’s hair and tilted the elf’s head back to look into her eyes.

“If I have to spank you again I will use the flat of my sword” the bounty hunter promised. Nyx’s eyes widened at the prospect. Livia then replaced the elf’s small clothes and stood pulling the girl up with her. Nyx’s skirt fell back into place. Livia picked her up effortlessly and threw the elf over the back of her horse swinging up into the saddle behind her.

“So?” Livia inquired, “is the little elf going to tell me her name?” Nyx remained silent. “The little elf does not feel like talking?” the bounty hunter chuckled “what a pleasant change. I could get used to this.”


The Tale of a Mage (part 1)

Nyx crouched silently in the shadows her eyes fixed on her prey. The deer was a picture of tranquillity leisurely grazing in the clearing before her. Slowly she drew her bow eyes never moving from her target.

“Don’t move thief” the abrupt order jolted her out of her transfixed state. In her deep concentration, she had not noticed the woman creep up behind her. As the words were spoken she felt a knife pressed against her throat. She dropped her bow cursing herself for letting her guard down. She knew there would be people looking for them. Startled by the noise the deer darted into the trees beyond the clearing. “You’re the little elf who stole Queen Cerise’s property” the woman growled triumphantly, thrusting a wanted poster in her face. “I’m going to be a very rich woman once I turn you in” Nyx could hear the grin in her voice.

“If I let you live long enough to turn me in” Nyx muttered under her breath.

“What was that elf?” the bounty hunter snarled.

“I said you are very wise to have come to that realisation” Nyx replied.

Lightning fast the bounty hunter removed the knife from Nyx’s throat pushing her forward until her stomach made contact with the forest floor. She placed a knee in the middle of the elf’s back, grasping both of her wrists in one hand. She then brought her palm down hard on the elf’s bottom with a crack which reverberated through the surrounding trees startling a nearby family of squirrels who scampered away into the underbrush. Nyx let out a squeal of indignation. The bounty hunter responded with a chuckled as she reached into her pack. Pulling out a length of coarse rope she began to bind the girl’s wrists.

“What could have possessed a little elf to think she would get away with stealing from the Queen” the bounty hunter mused in a conversational tone pulling on the ropes which were now tied around Nyx’s wrists to test their security. Nyx squirmed beneath her and was rewarded with another hard slap to her bottom. This time Nyx gritted her teeth determined to deny the bounty hunter the satisfaction of a reaction. The bounty hunter gave the elf three more hard slaps before reaching for more rope and focusing her attention on binding the girl’s ankles.

Once convinced her prisoner was secure the bounty hunter began a weapons search. She pulled a knife from Nyx’s left boot and placed it in her pack before slowly sliding her hands up her girl’s legs. She slipped a hand beneath the elf’s skirt removing a dagger which had been tied to her upper thigh. That was also added to her pack. The bounty hunter continued her search running her hands over the girl’s hips, bottom and up her back before flipping her over. Nyx whimpered in discomfort as her bound hands were subjected to the weight of her upper body. The bounty hunter then began again, running her hands up the front of the elf’s legs and over her stomach, stopping to reach between her breasts pulling out another dagger and a diamond studded gold necklace. She dangled the necklace in front of Nyx’s face.

“Is this what you stole from the Queen?” She demanded. Nyx held back a sigh of relief and nodded. At least the bounty hunter didn’t know the true reason why the queen was after her.