The Tale of a Mage (part 19)

Nyx began to panic as Livia dragged her down the hall after Malcolm. She couldn’t have told anyone where the room Malcolm delivered them to was located in relation to Izzy and Cassandra’s room, the walk had passed in a blur. Images of her previous encounters with Livia’s ire invaded her mind and a shiver of dread crept down her spine. Livia, on the other hand, was in an excellent mood as Malcolm stopped at a second door.

“Would you like me to escort the other one to her quarters?” Malcolm turned a questioning gaze in Livia’s direction.

“Yes!” Nyx looked hopeful.

“No” Livia shook her head “The little elf stays with me tonight.”

“As you wish” Malcolm started off down the hall back in the direction of the dining room.

Livia pushed the door open and marched through it pulling Nyx in behind her. She let go of the rope, locking the door behind her. Nyx took the moment as an opportunity to distance herself from Livia, scampering to the other side of the room. Satisfied they would not be interrupted Livia turned and fixed Nyx with a predatory grin.

“I have been looking forward to this, little elf” She began to stalk towards Nyx at a leisurely pace. As Livia came closer Nyx backed further away. It was not long before her back met the wall. Heart pounding in her chest she glanced frantically from side to side searching for a means of escape. None presented itself.

“You should have learned by now” Livia chuckled “you can’t escape from me, little elf.” Livia lifted Nyx’s wrists and began to loosen the rope. There was no need to search her for weapons as they had all been taken from her after the attack. “I could leave you tied for this” she explained, “but the more you try to fight the more fun this is for me.”

“Fuck you!” Nyx spat “I would have succeeded in killing you if Izzy and Cassandra hadn’t interfered.”

“Don’t worry, little elf.” Livia slipped the rope from her wrists and took a rough hold of her arm, digging her fingers into the flesh hard enough to bruise. ”I haven’t forgotten. In fact, that’s one of the things we will be addressing tonight. In addition to the loss of my gold of course.”

Livia dragged a struggling Nyx across the room. The closer they got to the bed the harder Nyx fought to free herself. She kicked and tried to hit Livia with her free hand. As a last effort, she lowered her head and sank her teeth into the hand that gripped her arm. Livia hissed in response but maintained her hold. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she hauled Nyx over her lap. She pushed up her skirt and yanked down her underclothes before beginning to deliver a barrage of vicious smacks. Nyx squealed in protest and tried to roll off Livia’s lap. Her efforts were to no avail as Livia wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her in position, delivering several slaps to her upper thighs to emphasise her displeasure, before redirecting her attention back to Nyx’s bottom.

“Regretfully, Izzy has instructed me not to injure you.” Livia advised Nyx with a dramatic sigh “However, she said nothing about hurting you and I am definitely going to hurt you.” Nyx growled in response. “Three bags of gold!” Livia snarled “Do you know what I could have done with three bags of gold?” Nyx had thought Livia was already spanking as hard as she could, she had been wrong. As the smacks intensified tears began to fall.

“Crying already?” Livia sneered “You do know I’m only just getting started? You tried to kill me. You’re going to be in this position for a very long time.” Nyx cried harder at that. She had known, of course, but hearing Livia say it somehow made it worse. Livia’s palm continued to fall scalding Nyx’s soft flesh. Nyx wiggled, clawing at the bedsheets. Perhaps, if she couldn’t roll off Livia’s lap she could pull herself forward, escape that way. Unfortunately, that plan only succeeded in eliciting a chuckle from Livia. “Be smart, little elf.” She drawled “Even if you manage to get up you’re not going to escape the room before I catch you. Don’t make things harder for yourself…” She paused for a moment “…or do.  It could be fun… for me.”

Nyx tried to calm herself, Livia’s statement was true she wouldn’t be going anywhere this evening and the less cooperative she was the worse this was going be. It was difficult though, she felt like she was being dropped butt first into an active volcano and Livia wasn’t even near done yet. She continued to grip the sheets until her knuckles turned white, focusing on the pattern of her breathing in an attempt to divert her attention from the pain. She was not terribly successful.

Abruptly Livia stopped. Nyx glanced over her shoulder in confusion she hadn’t expected it to be over this soon. She certainly wasn’t about to complain but it made her somewhat apprehensive. Livia got up pulling Nyx to a standing position. Just as she began to allow herself to feel relief she felt rough hands, pushing. She fell face down over the side of the bed. Livia let go of her and reached for her belt. Removing it in a swift motion she doubled it over and swung it through the air experimentally. Panic rising again Nyx attempted to crawl forward across the bed. Livia seized her by the ankle and tugged her back into position, pressing a hand against her back to hold her in place she lashed the belt down, putting as much strength into it as she could muster. The strokes fell in rapid succession. At first Nyx screamed, renewing her attempts to escape with a frantic fervour. She lost track of how long the merciless whipping continued. Eventually, as her voice grew hoarse and exhaustion set in. Her screams dissolved into pitiful sobbing. Her struggles ceased as she lay accepting the only person with the power to stop this was Livia, too tired to continue useless fighting. At last, it was over.

“Little elf?” Livia’s voice penetrated through her misery “You had better find a way to get me my gold. Otherwise, we’ll be doing this again.”


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