The Tale of a Mage (part 21)

Izzy approached swiftly in response to Livia’s shout. Cassandra followed close behind. Drucilla took a seat at the table and helped herself to more mead. The cup had just reached her lips as Izzy came to a stop directly in front of her. Izzy wasted no time on idle chatter.

“King Horrik wishes you removed from his kingdom.” Izzy looked Drucilla up and down appraisingly “I have been tasked to ensure that happens.” Drucilla rose from the table with a dramatic sigh.

“Captain Drucilla” She introduced herself with mock bow “Do take a seat so we may discuss how I can be of assistance to you, Princess.”

“You can be of assistance to me by leaving this Kingdom.” Izzy remained standing.

“Oh, I’m capable of so much more, Princess.” Drucilla sat back down and took a swig of mead. “I hear you are currently on the run. I hear you are in need of an army to overthrow your mother. I also hear King Horrik refuses to provide one.”

“It would seem you have heard many things.” Izzy’s expression remained unreadable.

“I can provide your army.” Drucilla gestured to the seat across from her.

“Don’t believe a word she says!” Livia glowered “That woman cannot be trusted.”

“Still testy about your father’s ship, love?” Drucilla smirked “I did care for you, you know? I just wanted that ship more.” Drucilla turned her attention to Nyx. “Livia’s father is a famous pirate hunter” she explained. “Many years ago, I appropriated one of his warships. Before that Livia may have been under the mistaken impression I was going to marry her…”

May have been?” Livia stared at her incredulously for a moment before catching herself. “Well, it’s probably for the best” she shrugged “as you can see I have done quite well for myself.”

“Bodyguard for a runaway, Princess? My you have indeed gone far” Drucilla’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “I concede, your girlfriend is cute. Clearly has a penchant for thievery though. You have a type perhaps?”

“Where is your crew, Captain?” Livia retorted smugly “I haven’t heard reports of them in the area.”

“We parted ways” Drucilla shrugged “a difference in vision. They were satisfied with attacking merchant ships. I had bigger goals.”

“Spending your days drinking in a Dwarven tavern and harassing the locals? You certainly do have high aspirations for yourself.” Livia scoffed.

“How did you know I was a thief?” Nyx interjected, a puzzled look marking her features.

“I have an eye for such things, dear.” Drucilla smiled indulgently before turning her attention back to Izzy “Now take a seat, Princess. We have much to discuss.”

“It couldn’t hurt to listen to what she has to say, at least.” Cassandra looked to Izzy.

“Very well” Izzy sat down in the offered chair. Livia groaned in resignation slumping into the seat to her right. Cassandra took the one to her left.  Nyx remained standing which did not pass Drucilla’s notice.

“Did she spank you?” Drucilla’s eyes fell on Nyx a slight smirk appearing on her face. “She tried that with me a few times…” she leaned closer to and continued her voice just above a whisper “…I liked it. She, on the other hand, was not pleased when I expressed my appreciation by returning the favour.” Nyx almost choked on her mouthful of mead and Livia’s scowl deepened.

“That’s enough personal talk.” Drucilla turned her attention back to Izzy “It’s time for business. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Lost Isle of the Fae?”

“The Isle of the Fae is a myth.” Livia growled

“I assure you it’s very real.” Drucilla continued to address Izzy.

“You’ve seen it then?” Livia challenged

“Well, no. However, I know a reliable source who has.”

“Reliable source?” Livia scoffed “More like a drunken sailor I’d bet.”

“Your opinion is of no consequence.” Drucilla shot Livia a look of mild annoyance “I was addressing the Princess.” She paused for a moment, Livia grunted in response. “Now, Princess. Imagine sailing back to these shores with an army of Fae? King Horrik would surely support your cause then.”

“I’m sure he would if the Fae truly exist” Izzy pondered “I suppose it is worth investigating.”

“What?!” Livia spluttered.

“Do not misunderstand me.” Izzy’s serious stare bore into Drucilla for a moment “I will not start believing a children’s tale on the word of a pirate. I am well aware that we would not be having this conversation if she didn’t stand to benefit in some manner she has yet to reveal. However, there is often a margin of truth within myths, we may discover something of use. We can’t stay here taking advantage of King Horrik’s hospitality indefinitely, and with my mother still hunting us, crossing the seas may provide some degree of safety.  Additionally, it will fulfil our promise to remove her from this Kingdom.”

“Wonderful” Drucilla rose and extended her hand to Izzy. Izzy took it however her expression remained guarded. “I shall go make arrangements for our departure. Meet me at the docks at dawn.”  She threw Livia a final wink before spinning around and making her way out of the tavern. Livia’s expression remained thunderous long after Drucilla was gone. Nyx stood lost in thought a grin splayed across her face. This was going to be fun. Drucilla seemed like her type of person. Whatever she was planning Nyx wanted in on it. By the time they emerged from their respective musings Izzy and Cassandra had already left.

“Looks like you’re going to remain my girlfriend for a while longer” Livia grumbled. Nyx’s grin faded.

“You didn’t say anything about this being a long term thing.” Nyx shook her head vigorously.

“Well, if you would prefer to repay my gold…” Livia began

“Fine” Nyx snapped “but if you expect us to be sharing a room you’ll be the one sleeping on the floor this time.

“Fine” Livia growled, “but you had better convince Drucilla you enjoy my company.”


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