Hi Everyone, just letting you know the frequency with which I have been updating The Tale of a Mage will be decreasing as I’m currently rather busy with life related things. There will definitely still be chapters being written and posted but that will be happening at a slower pace.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. I just read your whole story in the last 2 days and I just have to to say I love where it is headed and I hope you continue to write I love finding new stories and new writers!! 😊


      1. Happy to hear you haven’t given up on the story I see how long you have been writing it you could turn that into a book I would totally buy it if that is something you see yourself doing in the future


        1. I’m not sure about publishing. Maybe one day. To my knowledge all the websites through which one can self-publish are based in the US which would mean I’d have to pay American taxes. I don’t know exactly how American taxes work but I know it’s different to how paying taxes works in Australia. If it was going to be my primary career it might be worth it but given that it’s a niche market and I would still have to work a regular job it sounds like a lot of unnecessary headache.


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