I’m Jazz. I’m Australian. I’m queer and I’ve had a spanking fetish since early childhood. As I’ve grown older my kink related interested have diversified a bit. I’m sporadically involved in my local kink scene. I’m a recent university graduate. I’m taking a break from studies at the moment to get some practical work experience. I do want to go back to university at some point, possibly to do postgraduate studies, possibly to do a whole new degree. I haven’t decided yet.  I used to be pretty heavily involved with left wing activism, however, I have distanced myself from that in recent times as I found the community hypocritical and began to tire of the constant infighting. I love reading (science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction mostly), video games, and cats. I also enjoy doing outdoorsy things. I have an interest in ancient history, philosophy, and moral psychology.

I have created this site with the intention of writing and posting f/f spanking fiction in the fantasy genre. I’ll probably incorporate other aspects of kink into my writing from time to time. Everything I post here will be original work although I post fanfiction over on my Archive of Our Own account which can be found through the links section of this blog.

If you would like to contact me by means other than leaving a comment feel free to send me an email at hatshepsutagrippina@gmail.com


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